Friends of Roden Crater

Friends of Roden Crater is a supporting membership to provide financial support for the construction and operation of Roden Crater. Roden Crater has a long history of support from individuals, foundations and organizations. This extraordinary work of art is a monumental construction project and requires an ambitious fundraising effort. As a Friend of Roden Crater, your donation will help us complete the construction and move Roden Crater closer to a public opening. In thanks for your support, you will be among the first to receive updates on the project and advance notice of the public opening. Friends of Roden Crater is a partnership of the Turrell Art Foundation, a public charity working in conjunction with the Skystone Foundation to garner support for Roden Crater, and Network For Good. Contributions directly support Roden Crater. Click here to donate to Roden Crater and receive updates as the project moves forward. For inquiries about Major Gifts and Fundraising Events, please contact


Founding Donors

Martin Bucksbaum Family Foundation
Nathan Cummings Foundation
Dia Art Foundation
Guggenheim Foundation
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
Count Giuseppe Panza di Biumo


Annenberg Foundation
Ballroom Cultural Arts
Barton Family Foundation
Frances & Benjamin Benenson Foundation
The Bilger Foundation
Booth Family Trust
Booth Heritage Foundation
The Brown Foundation
Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
Dancing Astronaut Trust
Davis Family Foundation Inc.
DIA Center for the Arts
Fairholme Foundation
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
The Gailo Trust
Galen Family Foundation
Diane and Bruce Halle Family Foundation
Lannan Foundation
Marin Community Foundation
Museum of Northern Arizona
Neubauer Family Foundation
Daniel L. Nir and Jill E. Braufman Family Foundation Inc.
The Perlman Family Foundation Inc.
Prometheus Charitable Trust
Pulitzer Foundation
Resnick Family Foundation
Jon and Mary Shirley Foundation
Jay and Kelly Sugarman Foundation
Still Water Foundation
UMA, La Maison de l’image et de la photographie and Andre Cornellier

Corporate Members of Roden Crater

Art and Travel LLC
Brentwood Management Group
Bull Creek Management LLC
Butterfield Trust Bermuda Limited
CI Vinhedo Investimentos Ltd
Alexander Gorlin Architect
Grantmakers Group
WPS Challenger

Roden Crater Celestial Circle

David Booth
Kanye West

Roden Crater Leadership Circle

Suzanne Deal Booth
Bobby Kotick
Ann Tenenbaum and Thomas H. Lee
Alice M. and Thomas J. Tisch Fund
Sara Morishige Williams and Evan Williams
Dirk and Natasha Ziff

Richard and Suzanne Kayne Charitable Fund
of the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles


Ann and Kimberlie Birks in memory of Barrie Drummond Birks
Mark W. Booth
David Booth
Soichiro Fukutake
Roberto Hernández Ramirez
Leonard and Louise Riggio
Ann Tenenbaum and Thomas H. Lee
Alice and Thomas Tisch
Windrose Fund of Common Counsel Foundation

Contributing Friends

Edie Adams
Sharon Allen
Karen Anderson
Jerome Barr
Bill Bloomfield
Irma Bont
Thomas Borders
Kathleen Ann Boyd
Warren Breslau
Gay Elizabeth Browne
Adrian Burr and Peter Tatham
William Butler
Cathy and Michael Casteel
John Caulkins
Paul Chapman
Angela Chao
Charles and Lana Churchill
Carl Covitz
Tammy Lynn and Mark Crabtree
Carl de Boor
James T. Demetrion
Robert Dent
Nicole Ex
Deborah Felt
Karin and Jonathan Fielding
Marilyn and Larry Fields
Monika Fimpel
Frederick Fisher and Jennie Prebor
Ellen Schloss Flamm
Mary Flannery
Terence Flynn
Pamela K. Fox
Charles Frazier and Elizabeth Rosen
Reinhild Frech-Emmelmann
Lauri and Douglas Freedman
Barbara Freeman
Jennifer Gale
Cathy Gildor
Michael Govan
Amy Grissom
Dan Hadley
Mark Hamilton
John Hammond
Catherine and Taylor Haskins
Ann Hatch
Loren and Jan Haury
J. Tomilson Hill
Thomas Hill and Matthew Stapleton
Mike Jacobellis
Nathalie Jaudel
L C Allen Jones
Alexander Keith
Sean Billy Kizy
Jeanne and Michael Klein
Pierre LaGrange
Karen LaMonte
Gavin Langille and Elizabeth Zed
Alida and Christopher Latham
Lorie Peters Lauthier
Robert Lehman
Jeannette Lerman-Neubauer
Jane Lerner
Sebastian Lindner
Linda Lou
Gina MacArthur
Donna MacMillan
Dhruv Maheshwari
Lio Malca
Jennifer Martin
Carlos Martinez
Judith Mattingly
Frances McAllister
Joseph McCune
Rachael McDaniel
Troy McDaniel
Anna McDonnell
Seamus McGarvey
Leslie and John McQuown
Sarah Miller Meigs and Andrew Meigs
Charles Merian
Jean Meyers
Marlene Meyerson
Fred Mischkin
Deborah Lee Minor
Gota Miyazaki
Paolo Emiliano Montiel Coppa
Federico Montini
Mathieu Monville
Loyd Moore
Michael Moore
Kate and Hans Morris
John Morris
Gina Guarascio and Jerry Murdock
Melanie Nichols
Delphine Orcel
Jeff Paris
John E. Parkerson
David Panek
Cindy Perin and Fran Elliot
Charles Ofner
Janet D. Rappaport
John Redford
Lora Reynolds
Judy Rhee
Howard Robinson
Leslie Roden-Foreman
David Ross, III
Christopher Rowan
Carole Bayer Sager
Vicki and Roger Sant
Charles Sappenfield
Isaac Savor
Jonathan Schiller
David Schimon
Henrik Schmidt
Karen and Patrick M. Scott
Dan Shafer
Gil Silberman
John Sinden
Smita Singh
Keith Smith
Susan Stockel
Yiran Tian
Kitty and Tom Stoner
Katharina Sulke
Grazka Taylor
Mark C. Taylor
Charlotte Thorp
Heather and Kristin Timkin
Alex Turnbull
Bob Tuttle
Keith Voles
Lita Kot and Andy Wall
Jessica Wang
Jacob Warman
Obaida and James Scott Watt
Richard White
Maxwell John Willis
Dane Wittrup
Adele Yellin
David Yu
Lucien Zayan
Armin Zink